Tuesday, October 14, 2008

more on non-toxic cleaning

yesterday, kelly posted on one of my favorite topics, and something i have been struggling with. oxiclean is biodegradable and great as a laundry stain remover and as a substitute for bleach. i also like it for cleaning bathrooms, but i have to say that nothing cleans a shower as well or as fast as tilex (toxic as hell though!). i tried switching to method cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom but found that they were not as effective, and it was really adding a lot of time to my cleaning regimen. the daily shower spray reduced spots and mildew, but did not kill the bacteria that shows up as pink discoloration on grout. the all surface cleaner required a lot more scrubbing and wouldn't get out even the easiest stains on my countertop.

so i'm still searching for eco-friendly cleaners. as far as non-toxic, i currently like the clorox anywhere hard surface daily sanitizing spray. i started using this because we got a lot of second-hand toys (and preemies are more susceptible and vulnerable to infection), but it has been great for the highchair too, and now we are going to start using it as our all purpose cleaner. my favorite new find is the shark steam mop. i use it to clean all my hard floors, and no cleaner is needed at all... just water! it is expensive (about $80), but totally worth it, in my opinion. i don't have to drag out a dirty bucket and mop (it uses a microfiber pad that you can toss in the washing machine, and you get 3 in the box), it dries much faster, and i can let the baby crawl around while i mop, as there are no harsh chemicals or dirty water.

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  1. I prefer Hydrogen Peroxide based bleaches: http://oxygenbleach.homestead.com/files/

    Also for an all purpose disinfectant: Combine 2 teaspoons borax, 4 tablespoons
    vinegar, and 3 to 4 cups hot water in a spray bottle. Add two drops of palmolive for some kick!