Saturday, October 18, 2008

minty body scrub and homemade alternative

I recently splurged on the most wonderful body scrub! Bigelow Mentha Smoothing Body Buffer feels cool and smells refreshingly minty. It's a great wake up after a late night with my little teether. I also love that I can smell it on my husband from across the room for a little while after showering. With two people using it daily it will definitely go fast. The thing is, I am now addicted but don't want to buy a new tube every couple of weeks. The cost and all the plastic tubes going in the trash are both turn-offs. Today I mixed a little sugar and some Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap to try making my own version. It worked great! I don't want to make too much at a time because I don't know how it will last, but I think I'll start with a week's worth and see how it goes. Will the soap dissolve the sugar if I make a big batch and let it sit? For my test batch I just used as much sugar as I thought it would take for one shower and stirred in a little soap at a time until I got the consistency I was looking for. The bonus is that the store-bought one says to follow with body wash and the homemade version has the soap right in it, so one less step in the morning. I highly recommend the body lotion from Bigelow to keep the peppermint tingle going a little longer!

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  1. i love the bigelow mentha lip tint too - the peppermint oil freshens your breath! i got my first one for free when i signed up for bath & body works' e-mail list.