Thursday, October 23, 2008


we recently took our first family outing to the pumpkin patch at circle s farms. we went with two other families, which have 5 children combined, so i learned a few things on our trip. first, when playing in the hay barn, children must (1) make sure that other children are clear of the slide before going down and, failing that, (2) keep their mouths closed when face planting in the hay, otherwise a parent may end up having to try to catch vomit while making their way out of the hay barn. children should also change clothes after the hay barn and before entering the house, unless you want to spend hours picking hay out of the carpet.

but my favorite tip of the day was a new way to keep kids warm: babylegs! these are exactly what they sound like - baby/toddler size leg/arm warmers. they are perfect for keeping little legs toasty, especially when you are holding your child and his/her pants ride and expose half of each leg. they can be easily stashed in a diaper bag and used on the go, are not as bulky as adding a layer of long underwear, and keep diaper changes easy. the website also suggests putting on babylegs and letting your babe run around commando-style to help clear up especially bad cases of diaper rash. i found a couple of good sales on babylegs at best dressed tot and my tots travel (also a great site to help you travel light with kids!).

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